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****SCAM ALERT****


The Mills County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone that tax season is upon us again and SCAMMERS are looking to steal your money. The following is an example of a recording you might get of a potential scammer. Remember DO NOT give out any personal or financial information over the phone. The government does not call you about money you owe instead you will receive mail. If you have any question Please call the Mills County Sheriff’s Office if you receive any strange calls wanting your personal information.



Sheriff Clint Hammonds


EXAMPLE: "Hello my name is Dale with a folder with the decision of economic impact with an important state wide update regarding the new economic impact tax debt relief program we are required by the state to inform those are list that have tax debt about the new economic impact tax debt relief program that is now offered to you during the special enrollment. The economic impact program has been designed to significantly reduce or eliminate all together your tax debt as it is now considered contemporarily non-collectable during this special enrollment. This is big things were both struggling with tax debt however the window for the special in it. With some close so please call our consumer direct line at 970-710-6977 this message has been marked complete on behalf of the division of economic impact please call now.