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Sheriff Clint
Hammonds reported several arrests from the end of July through August 2017. On
July 25th, Deputies were conducting a narcotics investigation and were able to
gain probable cause for a traffic stop on 25 year old Anthony Calderaz of
Goldthwaite. During the stop Calderaz consented to a search of his vehicle and
also admitted to being in possession of a syringe that he had used recently to
inject methamphetamine. Calderaz was arrested for possession of methamphetamine
less than one gram and placed in the Mills County Jail. On July 30th Cristian
Guadalupe Arredondo 22 of Goldthwaite was stopped for speeding in the
Goldthwaite City Park. During the contact it was discovered that Arredondo was
wanted for motion to adjudicate probation for a previous driving while
intoxicated. It was discovered that Arredondo was in possession of marijuana
during the arrest. Arredondo was charged with possession of marijuana in a drug
free zone and driving while license invalid. Subject is released on bond
pending trial. On August 2nd, Mills County Deputies responded to a domestic
disturbance on Farm Road 575. After arriving and beginning the investigation it
was discovered that 26 year old Jonathan Tyler Vazquez was in possession a drug
called “Shatter” which is potent THC extract. Vazquez was arrested for felony
possession of a controlled substance penalty group 2 over 4 grams but less than
400 and possession of pain pills less than 28 grams. On August 3rd, Mills
County Deputies received a tip that there was an individual wanted on Federal
Drug Charges working on a ranch in Mills County. Deputies conducted
surveillance on the property and were able to identify 40 year old Nathaniel
Jeremiah Salazar on the property. Deputies executed the warrant and took
Salazar into custody for a warrant for drug related offenses. The United States
Marshall’s Service came within hours and took custody of the individual. On
August 4th Mills County Deputies and Texas State Troopers conducted a traffic
stop on US 84 in Goldthwaite for a traffic offense. Occupants of the vehicle
were identified as 33 year old Justin Gibson of Llano, Texas and 41year old
Barbara Jean Kirkland of Llano, Texas. During the stop officers became
suspicious that the individuals were possibly transporting narcotics. A Texas
Department of Public Safety K-9 was called to the scene and alerted to the
vehicle for the odor of illegal narcotics. Officers searched the car for
approximately 2 hours and discovered approximately a quarter pound of
methamphetamine hidden in the air conditioning duct work of the vehicle.
Kirkland and Gibson have been charged with manufacture and delivery of
methamphetamine over 4 grams but less than 200 grams. They both are still in
custody and remain in the Mills County Jail awaiting trial. Mills County
Deputies spent most of the week of August 21st through August 25th in the jury
trial of 73 year old Michael Holley of Mullin, Texas. Holley was charged with
aggravated sexual assault of a child and 63 counts of possession of Child
pornography. The trial lasted all week and the jury returned with a guilty
verdict on all charges. There was emotional testimony by victims and family
through this process. 35th District Judge Stephen Ellis sentenced Holley to
Life imprisonment for the sexual assault of a child and 10 years for each count
of child pornography which totals 630 years. Sheriff Hammonds stated that he
was very proud of the deputies on this case who have spent countless hours over
the past two years going through these horrific images of children being
victimized and sold on the internet. “I hate that our citizens that were chosen
for this jury had to sit and view these images” Sheriff Hammonds said. Sheriff
Hammonds stated the 35th District Attorney’s Office did super job on
prosecuting this case. “This was again a fine example of Mills County Sheriff’s
Office and the 35th District Attorney’s Office diligently working together to
bring closure to the victims affected by this case” said Sheriff Hammonds.